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"Yes, and..."

Hey ya’ll, I just got back from the Texas Christian University Neeley School of Business Values and Ventures competition. All I can say is, wow. To be around entrepreneurs that don’t just want to make a profit, but what to make a difference in the world was one of the most inspirational experiences I have ever had. Part of our entertainment was seeing a group of improvisational comedians help entrepreneurs succeed. Sounds interesting right?

I do want to spread the word and open everyone up to the term “Yes, and…” coined from a group named Four Day Weekend. Watch this video for a better explanation of what they do and how they have become such a success by helping other’s succeed.

I promise you, once you stop saying “no”, and start saying “yes, and” you will not only see the potential of growth, but also make stuff happen! So stop closing off ideas, and start making a difference.

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