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Why is Cedar Falls, Iowa so great?

Lately I have been asked over and over again what my plans are after college. To tell you the truth, I do not really know. What I have figured out over the past few years is how much I appreciate the Cedar Valley. Cedar Falls is where I was raised. Sure I used to complain how much I wish I lived somewhere warm or somewhere with really cool landscapes. But after going out there and networking with other small business owners and walking up and down Main Street, I realized why Cedar Falls, Iowa is so great.

1. We have one of the most supportive communities. Someone has a good idea, and everyone wants to help make it a success.

2. We have one of the most beautiful down towns. Cedar Falls knows how to take care of their Main Street.

3. We don’t just have one season, we have them all. Wouldn’t you get bored experiencing that warm weather all the time? Cedar Falls gets a feel of sun, snow, and rain.

Now, get out there and appreciate the beauty and the hard work that the people of Cedar Falls has put in to make it what it is.

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