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Top five reasons why a family-owned restaurant is better than any other chain restaurant

Good food and friendly service are the price of admission, not a competitive advantage. It takes something more to really stand out in the restaurant world. For the Graves family holding their own against the known national chains, our competitive edge is the experience of hospitality. It is too important to know the difference between customer service and guest hospitality. You need both things to succeed, but they are completely different.

5. The décor: We are a one of a kind restaurant. The individual creativity, character and energy that the restaurant brings to the American dining scene can never be matched by the national chains. We always welcome pictures or memorabilia to display. You will bring in pieces that remind yourself of our staff. For example, as soon as you walk in, there is a sign that says “$5 for whining”. What can I say, the boss lady has a strong personality. Just because the building may be old, doesn’t mean that there is not still a strong foundation within (figuratively speaking because there are leaks from time to time). Anyhow, there is never a doubt that there’s not enough personality in Gravy’s.

4. The Food: Hands down, the best quality. My dad is there every day. He has undoubtedly cracked a few million eggs in his life. I would say he knows what he is doing. Some complain that the Mom and Pop shops lack consistency. There’s no reason to complain about that at Gravy’s when the same cook is there every day! Our kitchen is not hidden. Actually, it is your main source of entertainment. The simplest of foods, we make sure we do right. It is too common to hear, “Why are your hash browns so good?” or, “Your dad makes the best omelets”.

3. The Service: Everyone works as a team here at Gravy’s. You don’t see 5 people standing at the front waiting to awkwardly ask you questions that they are prompted to say. You aren’t handed a vibrating thingamajig that lights up when there is a table for you. Everyone at Gravy’s immediately welcomes you, and knows you by name, or at least your order if you don’t change often. We have our own way of doing things. When there is constantly an owner on the premises, we focus on what matters: building great customer relationships so that the regulars come back again and again. Just make sure you don’t float out the door with the amount of coffee refills we offer you.

2. The Atmosphere: Do we dare take a vacation? You all miss us too much if we are not open. When we force you to either cook for yourselves, or visit another chain restaurant, you come back begging for a meal and a conversation. You all know you mean much more to us than your wallets. You are our friends and we hope you feel comfortable with us. We don’t rush you, we let you soak in the smell of bacon and coffee and waffles. We may be a little smaller, but we are a lot cozier.

1. The Hospitality: The word hospitality is in the New Testament which comes from two Greek words. The first word means love, and the second word means strangers. No matter where you come from, you will feel the love. I mean, where else do you find a whole family working in the same restaurant? Not likely at a chain. What you see and experience at Gravy’s is real. When you do this as a living, every day of your life, you will know that these people mean more than just business.

I encourage you to stop into a restaurant you have never been to before, we will let you know that we appreciate your business. Even though there may be a wait, we will make sure you have an enjoyable experience. I mean, when a place is packed, that is a good sign.

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