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Gravy's Diner, How may I help you?

The Graves Group LLC members are more than just business partners, we are family, literally. We have no choice. You all want to know what we’re up to. When is my mom going to make hot beef? How does your dad make his omelets so fluffy?

Here you can meet our staff, we may even share why we are actually smiling all the time. You can get to know my dad and what he is really thinking while he cooks your food. If you’re thinking about starting your own independent restaurant, here is your motivation, as long as we don’t scare you off first. I could walk you through my emotional rollercoaster of events being a part of my family’s restaurant for 20 years, but I’ll save that for a later date.

I also want to use this site to give certain individuals credit for what they do for our family and our business. I want to share that this business is our lifestyle. We have feelings too. We take what you say to heart, probably more than we should. We want to use this site to communicate with you all.

Every time we feel like we have found a new path we want to try, we come crawling back to our customers. Of course you always have our backs through all of the things we try to get ourselves into, but the restaurant business, the customer service, the fast-paced craziness that makes us want to lock ourselves in the cooler and scream at the top of our lungs, that is our calling. We love what we do.

Speaking of calling, it is not the most convenient to give Gravy’s a call during business hours, so use this as a way to communicate. If it is more personal, I will provide you with my email.

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