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Name That Superwoman!

Alright folks, I got some insight on a someone you all should know. See if you can figure it out before you scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page.

“I am a very energetic, hardworking and caring person – a multitasker. I love to give advice, love to cheer people up. People always come to me and ask, how do you do it? Raising a family at the same time running your own business. I put people’s needs first, before my own. I love being around people. I make sure that when customers come to the restaurant I make them feel like they’re at home. I know all of my regular’s wants and needs. I have their children’s phone numbers just in case they don’t show up at the restaurant. If I call their house and no one answers then I have to notify their kids that their mom/dad did not make it to the restaurant! I make them feel like they are family too.

When you walk into their restaurant, normally it’s my voice you will hear first; me greeting customers or asking somebody to pick up their order. I may be a short person, but I’m tough and don’t back down to anyone. I’m the kind of person who tells it like it is! Working and running a restaurant is anything but easy. The level of stress is so high. You always aim to please and there is always that one person whose idea of going out to eat is to make your life miserable! I just wish and hope that when people go out to eat they enjoy their company and have fun. People should talk and have a nice conversation with each other. Working in a restaurant you always have to put on your “happy face”. No matter how you feel, you don’t show it to your customer. You have to act like everything is okay.

To my regular customers, I am their “shrink”, their shoulder to cry on, a daughter, a sister, a confidant, a referee. It goes like this, at the end of the day, if I made nine people happy out of ten I can consider my day all worthwhile! I go home to my family and do it all over again.”

Got any ideas?

You're probably right!

Madelyn A. Delos Reyes was born on May 23, 1965 in the Philippines. She was the fourth child out of eight children – six were brothers, and one sister.

1986 - Graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Education Cum Laude at Holy Angel University.

Taught school in the Philippines for five years.

Oct. 6, 1991 – Went to Pensacola, Florida.

1992 – Married Kevin Graves.

1994 – Krystal was born in Pensacola.

Moved to Houston, Texas, then to Cedar Falls, Iowa – where Kevin and Madelyn started Waffle Stop.

Three more children were born – Kiara, Kirsten, Kyle.

Started Gravy’s Diner.

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